Complete Business and Employee Insight.

MyPeople is a cloud-based reporting tool providing in-depth analytics and predictive modelling. Combining the latest in Machine Learning with a beautiful design, MyPeople brings a whole new level of understanding to your organisation. MyPeople transforms data  from different aspects of people management, including employee performance and engagement, recruitment, as well as strategic business metrics data, to provide a comprehensive big picture view of your people.

Recruitment and On-boarding Analytics.

Reduce hiring times, improve quality of hire and reduce your cost per hire using MyPeople’s recruitment analytics.

MyPeopleGroup-Performance & Talent Analytics

Performance Analytics.

Transform your performance reviews from static information into predictions and models of optimum individual and team profiles.

Engagement Analytics.

Understand the key drivers of motivation and engagement of your people and predict pathways and initiatives to improved engagement.


Development Analytics.

Drive active learning and development in your organisation using MyPeople’s unique predictor of individual development rates and scientific role matching of training and development approaches to your teams.

Configurable monitoring and alerting lets you keep on top of key metrics, and predictive modelling helps with actionable decision making for training and development, workforce modelling, and succession planning. The end game? You’ll achieve exceptional organisational performance and optimum productivity.